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Social media is imperative for promoting your business online. Not only does it give you a marketing platform, but allows you to converse with a wider audience, provide exceptional customer service and demonstrate that you are a forward thinking business – in touch with what is trending.

social media marketing


At Union Empire we will manage all of your social media accounts and create posts for your business. We respond to your queries and grow your follower base. This saves you time, builds your brand online and frees you to do what you do best – run your business!

About Us.

Social Media Management boosts your presence on social media. Union Empire is a social media marketing agency based in Buckinghamshire. We want to work with business and brands to help them get social media delivering real results.

Develop Brand Awareness


Growing your followers on social media will help you increase word of mouth and referrals. Our social media marketing services will help you increase your followers with relevant people. We will ensure that your followers match the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your typical customers.

Build Relationships


When you build a strong connection through engagement with your audience, they are more likely to buy from you. We will help you increase engagement (likes, comments, etc.) on your social media posts. The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection is with your audience.

Website Exposure


Increasing your website traffic will directly influence leads and sales. We will focus on developing social media advertising campaigns that drive high volumes of traffic to your website. To increase conversions, we can add-on retargeting ads to stay in front of recent website visitors.

Union Empire Social Media Marketing for hotels and resorts
Union Empire Social Media Marketing for hotels and resorts
Union Empire Social Media Marketing for hotels and resorts
Union Empire Social Media Marketing for hotels and resorts
Union Empire Social Media Marketing for hotels and resorts
Social Media Management

Facebook Ads.

Two billion people use Facebook every month. With Facebook’s powerful audience selection tools, we can target the people who are right for your business. Using what you know about your customers, such as demographics, interests and behaviours, you can connect with people similar to them. We us these three options for choosing your audience on Facebook.

Whether you’re a flower shop that wants more local customers or an online electronics retailer looking for people interested in your products, our core audiences targeting options – the targeting tools we use – allow you to reach people based on their demographics, location, interests and behaviours.


Find people based on traits such as age, gender, relationship status, education, workplace, job titles and more.


Reach people in areas where you want to do business. You can even create a radius around a shop to help create more walk-ins.


Find people based on what they’re into, such as hobbies, favourite entertainment and more.


Reach people based on their purchasing behaviours, device usage and other activities.

Custom Audiences help you find your existing customers and contacts on Facebook. By targeting people on Facebook who you’re already connected to, you can foster relationships and drive sales. We can use one of these three sources to build your Custom Audience.

Loyal customers

Get in touch with your current customers and prospects to seal the deal.

Site visitors

People who visit your website are strong potential customers.

Mobile users

Show ads to people who already use your mobile app.

Lookalike Audiences helps us find people on Facebook who are similar to your customers or contacts. It’s a powerful tool that uses the insights that we’ve gained from marketing on Facebook to increase your chances of reaching people who might be interested in your business.

Current customers are the best source

We will create Facebook lookalike audiences from your customer and prospect lists, people who have visited your website or app, or people who have interacted with your Facebook Page or ads. We can also use a Custom Audience to build a lookalike audience.

Adjust as needed

By adding new audience sources or getting rid of old ones, lookalike audiences can be easily fine-tuned to get better results and meet changing audience profiles.

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Social Media Management


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